Gym Membership- $75.00/month, includes full access to the open mats and equipment in the gym whenever we are open, and membership in your choice of classes.                       

Personal Training- $45.00/60 minute session, $25.00/30 minute session (appointment only), $10.00 more for every additional 15 minutes on a session

Single Class Drop In Pass- $10.00

Bulk Drop In Rate- Buy 10 Drop Ins at once at save 50%, Only $50.00


A day pass and single class attendance are exclusive, you may not attend a class during your day pass unless you pay an additional $10.00, likewise you may not participate in open mat time with a class drop in pass without paying the additional $10.00 for a day pass. 

There are no packages, except day passes, that cover less than a one month period. We do not offer contracts that cover more than a twelve month period. 

No contract may be signed without full payment for that membership. Once a contract is signed there are no refunds under any circumstances.